Discover Cirebon

Old City of Cirebon

Besides the Palaces, there are many historical buildings scattered around the city, as old as the history of the city itself. The most notable is The Great Mosque “Sang Cipta Rasa” which is located near Kasepuhan palace. Interestingly enough the architecture of this mosque is purely Javanese and the structure made entirely of woods. Places of worship for Chinese inhabintant can be found in the Northen part of the city, near Cirebon Port. One which is very beautiful is Vihara Goddess of Mercy (Dewi Welas Asih).

Other places worth seeing are many old “Indisch” styled buildings that lies from the centre of the city to the north. Among them are the Town Hall Building, Bank of Indonesia, British Amerian Tobacco Office, Post Office, Santo Joseph Church, Rail Station and many others.