Discover Cirebon

Royal Palaces

There are 4 palaces for 4 sultanates in Cirebon: Kasepuhan, Kanoman, Kacirebonan that are now open for public, and Keprabonan Palaces. The largest, oldest and also the most beautiful is the Kasepuhan. The architecture is a mixture of European, Chinese and Arabian. It also holds the largest historical collection including a famous royal carriage known as the “Singa Barong”. Impressive collections such as old gamelan orchestras, traditional fabrics, and royal weapons are also displayed in the Palace.

The second biggest Palace is the Kanoman, only walking distance from the Kasepuhan, this palace is also used as museum. The architecture and collections are very much the same with the Kasepuhan. A traditional market known as the Kanoman Market can be found at the entrance of the palace. It is an interesting experience to walk through this market and find a lively local atmosphere.